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Society Report 2003

Society Report 2003

DLF City Durga Puja and Bengali Cultural Society

Making our culture and tradition an integral part of our life

Since last Durga Puja in 2002, we have now successfully put activities of the society in the regular calendar of the members of the Society, and the community around us. We have organized a number of activities through which the members could come together on numerous occasions and strengthen the underlying bond that brings us together Our Tradition and Culture. We followed our grand performance of Durgotsav 2002 with Lakhshmi Puja on 20th October 2002, Bijoya Sanmelan on 27th October 2002 and Kali Puja on 4th November 2002.

Going by the objectives of the Society, we had charted a number of activities. The year 2003 started with Saraswati Puja on 6th February, and was followed by Basonto-Utsav on 29th March, Bengali Nabo Barsho and Ravindra Jayanti on 10th May and Barsha Mangal on 9th August. These gave us opportunities to come closure in the community and foster a sense of belonging to the members. As a result, participations grew. We now have a wider based participating community living in what has come to be known as New Gurgaon.

Responding to our prayers and celebrations, nature has showered blessings on the earth aplenty. Nature is bedecked with new life. After a scorching summer, lush green all around, moist and cool breezes usher us to the time of the year when Goddess Durga makes her annual visit to us. We have readied ourselves to celebrate on this occasion, enliven our memories, share our tradition and culture with our children, and display our art and culture in the most vibrant colours and sounds. We will soak ourselves in nostalgia and the glory of Bengali traditions and culture. Life takes on a different meaning for a few days for all members of the larger family DLF City Durgapuja and Bengali Cultural Society. Durga Puja 2003 is here. The festivities will continue with Lakhshmi Puja on 9th October 2002, Bijoya Sanmelan on 19th October 2002 and Kali Puja on 24th October 2002

You would have noticed a number of changes we have introduced this year. First, we have trusted our members to subscribe for the Puja festivities and with this in mind we have stopped door-to-door collection that we have done in the previous years. We expect members to contribute their donations/subscriptions at the Puja Pandal during Durga Puja 2003 festive days. We have also put more emphasis on inviting corporates with commitment to community to support us and it is has paid a rich dividend. We have exceeded our target collection from Sponsorship and Advertisements. Unlike previous years, we have now arranged to distribute the Bhog coupons to our members and their guests in advance, which will do away with collection of coupons in the morning of the festive days. Collect these coupons at your leisure from September 30th at the Festival ground at Community Centre.

Societys effort to acquire a land for a Temple is on. We have withdrawn our application from HUDA since none of the available plots on offer would have been suitable for our purposes. We are on a look out for a suitable plot of land for this purpose. This will involve huge funding requirements and we rely on our members to support it in a suitable form.

We believe Joy is for sharing. The Society desires an increasing and larger participation in its activities by a greater number of members. Ideally, all members of the Bengali community in the neighbourhood of new Gurgaon should join and enrich the efforts of the Society. Please help enroll your neighbours and friends who are not yet members of your Society. We hope to complete the membership process for them well in time for this festive season.

This is your Society; your active participation and support in every possible way can only make it the most vibrant and meaningful organisation in your community. Be a proud member of tradition and culture that brings us together.

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