We are ready for our 20th year of uninterrupted celebration of Durgapuja festival in new Gurgaon. Starting with bubbling energy of few and excitement of all around in 1992, ours is now a big and sought after event for the larger community we live in. It had been uncompromising efforts of our culturally elite and alert members of the society that have helped us retain our traditional values, cultural balance while welcoming some of the new trends evolving in Bengalís cultural canvas.

Durgapuja 2011 promises to make our special days between Saturday October 1 and Thursday October 6 this year a much cherished time to celebrate with family and friends. Cultural programme schedule is getting finalised, puja arrangements are progressing well, mandap decoration will get its first splash of colour soon.

Your Society now has over 300 life members and approx. 40 term members. We are proud of our membership profile and look forward to richer social and cultural experiences shared between members during the year.

We had some changes in the Executive Committee during last year where two of our colleagues, with hardly any time to spend in Delhi/Gurgaon for their professional and personal commitments, made way for others to take over their respective responsibilities. At the last AGM on June 25, 2011, we ratified two new co-opted Executive Committee members and appointment of two Joint Secretaries in the interim to carry out the ever increasing activities of the Society.

We also got mandate to collect additional donation during the year to meet expenses for various events that we organise for the member families.

Our library is well stocked for members of all ages. We have observed reducing use of this facility over last few months. We invite you to visit the library, share a cup of tea and keep our reading habit alive. Library now operates once in a fortnight that we would like to make weekly with increased use.

Most of the arrangements during Durgapuja 2011 will be similar to the previous years, with process and efficiency improvements wherever we get scope to do so. Itís your festival, join us with your family, contribute generously, participate and demonstrate your talent. Come to enjoy Durgapuja 2011.

Letís celebrate life the Bengali way Ė letís celebrate Durgpuja 2011.

Dipankar Sanyal